An Easy Way to a Cleaner Shower

Sometimes it feels like we spend all our time cleaning – tidying up, clearing away, washing up, wiping things down… The bathroom can be the worst place to tackle; an expanse of tiling and a perpetually streaky or drip-stained shower enclosure. Don’t we all want an easy way to avoid having to do quite so much work?

Glass Shield is a revolutionary treatment for glass shower panels – a non-stick invisible barrier made up of microscopic particles that bind themselves permanently to the glass surface. The protective coating prevents water, soap or limescale deposits from clinging to the glass, meaning that your shower surface is always sparkling and bright, rather than becoming dull and stained over time.

glass shield glass shield

Without Glass Shield                                  With Glass Shield

One application of Glass Shield can last from months to years, depending on the frequency of use and hardness of the water in your area, and will never crack, peel or discolour. Easy-clean Glass Shield is applied as standard to the majority of Showerlux luxury shower enclosure ranges (and can be added as an optional extra on those that don’t already have it) and keeps your glass clean, clear and hygienic, meaning you can spend more time enjoying the shower and less time cleaning it!

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